Holland Park

Attractive canals, beautiful building façades, delightful streets, green inner courtyards and apartments

A very accessible small-scale urban neighbourhood with modern canal-side properties, designer apartments, shops and cafés/restaurants. Holland Park will be a lively neighbourhood with about 5000 residents, located only 10 minutes from the heart of Amsterdam and adjacent to Bergwijkpark in Diemen Zuid. Excellent residential services and facilities, easy accessibility, and unique architecture will all combine to make it a very attractive neighbourhood to live in. After moving in, Holland Park residents will be able to enjoy the beautiful view from their designer apartments overlooking the attractive canals, and they will actually be able to do so at an affordable price.

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Holland Park will be a sustainable neighbourhood on a human scale. The overall concept is designed to offer potential residents a wide range of choices and options. The inspiration for Holland Park is also based on similar previous projects such as the Java Island quarter in Amsterdam and the Sluseholmen district in Copenhagen, both of which have proven to be very successful residential concepts. The construction in Holland Park will be based on sustainable components and will comply with all the newest standards in the area of energy consumption and environmental impact.


Year of manufacture
Former office park
Several, headed by Sjoerd Soeters
Cooperative venture with
Bouwaccent B.V.
New development and demolition