“Architecture is an expression of value”

~ André Snippe

Walk on to Campus Diemen-Zuid and you will see young people who are perfectly at ease in their surroundings. A couple of hundred metres further along, and you will see people looking around the new residential area of Holland Park. A different target group, and a completely different kind of housing project, but here too, people are happily anticipating their new home. That is exactly the vision of Snippe Projects: we create homes that surpass the wishes and needs of our target group!

Our vision

No two projects are the same with us. For every project, we take a fresh look at the qualities of the site and identify the aspects that will make prospective home owners happy in the project town or village. And we carefully weigh the interests of the municipality and any cooperating partners. Together with them, we aim to achieve the optimum quality, for example by selecting the architect who is ideal for the project. We prefer to take a little more time, rather than make hasty compromises on quality.

Because of that underpinning vision, our projects are picked up by the media, have earned the respect of the industry and, last but not least, are achieving considerable commercial success. These are projects that the residents are as proud of as we ourselves are!

It is our ambition to realise such projects on a broad scale in the Netherlands. We are currently engaged in preparations not only in Amsterdam, but also in other municipalities, towns and cities. At the moment we are working on over 3,000 homes, which we will increase to even bigger numbers. It’s within our ambition to make waves – through the numbers of homes and projects, but also with the unprecedented quality that we produce.

We surprise land and real estate owners

How do we do it?

What distinguishes our method of operation? We take an unconventional approach. For example, by looking at new projects in a different way. We see opportunities in old buildings and complexes. We surprise land and real estate owners by setting out new development opportunities with optimum creativity. To do this, Snippe Projects has a team of creative and dedicated employees. Together with the client, we consider which style of architecture is the most suitable. Often not Dutch, or perhaps a bit more classical – we ensure that the architect perfectly fits the commission. And together with the architect, we develop a surprisingly creative plan in combination with a financially attractive result.

From vision, we go into action. From plan to reality. With our refined marketing strategy, we locate the buyers and tenants for the homes and the business premises. Satisfied future residents, who are so proud that they are happy to act as ambassadors for the project. That is how our pursuit of quality comes to fruition!

Where are we coming from?

It seems like a simple principle: develop and build only the kind of homes that you yourself would like to live in. In recent years, there has been a different reality in house building. Too often, the choice has been made for homes that could be realised cheaply, quickly and shoddily finished. The customer had little choice. We are rewarded a few years later in the form of bleak districts with homes that are already out of favour.

André Snippe was astonished by this over 25 years ago. As an entrepreneur by nature, he believes that satisfied customers come first, irrespective of which sector you operate in. And particularly for such important decisions as a new house. He had always been interested in interior design since his youth, but the housing sector was new to him. That didn’t stop him from starting with a substantial project, however: a complex of around 100 small apartments on the edge of Amsterdam’s grachtengordel (canal ring). With unprecedented quality for its time, and careful detailing. The successful sale of the apartments laid the foundation for today’s Snippe Projects.

From a small compact organisation, Snippe Projects has grown into a large organisation that operates throughout the country with large and small projects. But André Snippe still applies his rule when staff present plans and projects to him: ‘Would you like to live there yourself?’ If there is any hint of doubt, it’s a no go. You must stand up for the best quality for your customers. That was André Snippe’s belief, and it is the belief of all his employees today.